New XBox 360 “Jasper” Motherboard Drops 8/08


According to Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News, Microsoft’s successor to the current XBox 360 “Falcon” motherboard will be named Jasper–and it will feature a 65-nanometer ATI graphics chip and smaller memory chips. This should go a long way in reducing cost and the heat issues that have plagued the platform since it’s launch.

If this information is correct, we will have to wait a year for another 360 price drop and a system that is truly reliable. A little too long iif you ask me. But if you want to play Halo 3 now (and believe me you do) you had better bit the bullet on this one, or get some nerdier friends.—Sean Fallon

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  1. if you guys are interested i have the new 65nm falcon motherboard in my premium xbox 360 lot 0740 if you have lot 0738 or more you DO HAVE the falcon motherboard the lot number is on the side of the xbox 360 (its a sticker) there will be also a team part if this team part says team:FDOU then you have the falcon motherboard the person who sold me the 360 even brought up the fact that it has the new falcon motherboard end of story!!!

  2. Hey, thank a lot for the info, Jake! I’m trading my orginal 360 in for credit towards an Elite, and this helps me out even more.

  3. good news!!! fucking ps3!!!!!

  4. You know what you people better get it right just because your box says team fodu and has a certin lot number doesn’t mean crap. Just look at the plug on the back of the system and if there is no piece of plastic in the middle of the plug connector on the back of the system then you have a jasper or falcon motherboard and by the way I know someone from ms and the GPU processor size on the falcon board is 80NM not 90 that was part of the idea………….

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