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Morning, Let Me Get You Some Breakfast

It’s Monday, I know. Let’s just take a minute and sigh collectively. Alright. Feeling better? Good. You need some breakfast. After all, you can’t do any work or concentrate without a proper breakfast. This is a motherboard cake. It’s similar to that of a birthday cake in taste and more of a computer in the design department. It also has ...

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Acrylic Cowboy Is As Straight As The Marlboro Man

Seems acrylic bongs weren’t enough. Now acrylic case mods are all the rage. Of course, this also makes your computer easily modifiable and upgradeable because everything isn’t packed away in some wheel of cheese. Adding and removing cards, memory and storage has never been easier. The acrylic cases were designed by Digital Cowboy who are calling it the Acrylic Cowboy. ...

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New XBox 360 “Jasper” Motherboard Drops 8/08

According to Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News, Microsoft’s successor to the current XBox 360 “Falcon” motherboard will be named Jasper–and it will feature a 65-nanometer ATI graphics chip and smaller memory chips. This should go a long way in reducing cost and the heat issues that have plagued the platform since it’s launch. If this information is ...

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DIY Mod: Transform a retro toaster into a mini PC

While the computer has come a long way since its rise, the last two decades have proven to be rather uninteresting concerning the case design of most computers. The same old rectangular tower is still the norm for most PC’s. A company named Slipperyskip Computers has been experimenting by putting small motherboards into some interesting cases. Including coolest of all, ...

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Make your Laptop have Lapstyle

So you think since you have a nice winter jacket for this winter season that you’re all set, huh? Well what about your poor little laptop? You walk around in your down stuffed coat while little Lappie freezes its motherboard off. Lapstyle is the answer! Lapstyle Laptop Covers are fuzzy little exteriors for your laptop to kick the style up ...

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