Microwave home-made potato chips!

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We hardly ever make potato chips at home, the furthest we can go is probably french-fries. It’s such a hassle to make them (fries come in frozen packs, but hardly do we ever see chips), it’s fattening and you’ll have to do the oily dish washing.  Japanese company Akebono has developed this Microwave Potato Chips Kit that gives you the potato peel (not potato skin, but potato-potato) and a holder that you can put into the microwave with. 100g of chips will take about 6-7 minutes in a 700W microwave, the Impress team took it for a test run and it worked really well. The kit is selling for 10USD in Japan and you should definitely pick up one of them if you are a health-conscious chip fan. More pics after the jump.



Sam Chan

Impress review [Impress, Akebono]

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  1. hay i love chip but they contain to much oil I would love to get one of these where can i get one at

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