Microsoft “Ringcam” Roundtable preparing for public trial


Uh oh, we all know how Microsoft loves to be in control of everything. And in VoIP and Internet telephony, Microsoft has lagged behind the likes of Skype. When it was rumored that Microsoft was working on a VoIP phone, it wasn’t a surprise, and seemed rather uneventful. Now that details are starting to appear of the Microsoft Roundtable phone, we can see that they are not playing around.

The Ringcam was originally showcased last year as a slightly ugly prototype, but things are looking sleeker these days for the newly-titled Roundtable. The Roundtable features a 360 degree camera capable of video conferencing in a panorama type view. The Roundtable would probably sync seamlessly with Outlook contacts for easy dialing control. Much work is still needed for sure, since this is Microsoft’s first serious journey into the VoIP zone, but it seems to be coming along nicely. The Roundtable is expected to go into public testing this week, starting as early as today. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. I feel this product once in market would be surely picked up by big business houses or companies as for them this would be a good alternative to business trips for their employees or to have an expensive conventional audio/video conferencing systems. Would like to share this demonstraion video of roundtable application..

    Nice article, Keep up the good work !!

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