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Skype Coming to iPhone

iPhone? We don’t need no stinkin’ iPhone! eBay has announced that its ultra-popular VoIP software, Skype, will be available for download sometime on Tuesday. The application will change the way people use their iPhones and could even put a dent in sales of the Apple device as more people choose the unrestricted iPod Touch over the iPhone. All your standard ...

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Wood You Call Me, Please?

Although this isn’t the only phone that gives us wood, it does make us pop a hard one. After all, when it comes to using Skype or any other VOIP service, it’s tough to look cool talking into your monitor. But, with the Hulger Pappa*Phone, you can’t not look cool. It’d be impossible. In fact, you could call anyone on ...

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Microsoft “Ringcam” Roundtable preparing for public trial

Uh oh, we all know how Microsoft loves to be in control of everything. And in VoIP and Internet telephony, Microsoft has lagged behind the likes of Skype. When it was rumored that Microsoft was working on a VoIP phone, it wasn’t a surprise, and seemed rather uneventful. Now that details are starting to appear of the Microsoft Roundtable phone, ...

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The iPhone at CeBIT…no, not that iPhone

Linksys presented its VoIP phone, the iPhone CIT 400 at CeBIT 2007. You might know it as the uglier iPhone. This is the first time the Linksys iPhone has been publicly presented. It earned much more attention than it would have because of the legal uproar between Linksys and Apple over the iPhone moniker. The Linksys iPhone is an internet ...

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Yummy Kitchen Connect for food blogging and recipe sharing

Food and recipe blogs have become an underrated force in the blogging world. The Yummy Kitchen Connect, an entry in the Microsoft / IDSA Design Competition, might win the food talk a little extra recognition. We’ve seen some really cool kitchen design in the past, but the Yummy might be the most usable of the bunch for every day life. ...

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