Microsoft Announces Windows 7

Up until now, Microsoft was peddling Windows Vista as it’s latest and greatest operating system. Sure, the company had briefly mentioned Windows 7 but it was just a codename and not much came out of it. Today, Microsoft is giving Windows 7 it’s official name and will be releasing developer betas soon. The official name of the next OS? Windows 7. Yup. Seems Microsoft was peachy with not changing the name since it’s the seventh Windows release.

What do you think? Dumb name? Glad Vista is finally coming to an end?


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  1. I think i am missing how this is the 7th release.

    Windows 1 = 1
    Windows 2 = 2
    Windows 3 = 3
    Windows NT = 4
    Windows 95 = 5
    Windows 98 = 6
    Windows 2000 = 7
    Windows ME = 8
    Windows XP = 9
    Windows Vista = 10
    Windows 7 = 11

    So their are definitely not counting some, but i’m not sure which ones.


    I should have just wikied it first.

    Looks like NT, 95, 98 and ME are all 4.x releases. 2000 and XP are all 5.x releases. Vista is 6.

    Its crazy that Microsoft can call them all the same basic version but still charge a shitload for the upgrade or “new” version.

  3. Nice find Jonny. I was wondering about this myself.

  4. i was scratching my head about this as well. I guess the NT 4 versions are all Operating systems built on top of DOS which is why they can be considered as 4.x.

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