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Microsoft Unleashes Internet Explorer 8

Like a bat out of hell, Microsoft this morning released Internet Explorer 8. As the follow up to the ultra-successful IE7, version 8 has a lot to live up to considering how commonplace Mozilla’s Firefox is becoming. New features include searching with images, web slices, new accelerated rendering engines and…well, yeah. That’s the gist of it. Walt Mossberg from the ...

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Microsoft Unveils Official Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used his keynote at CES to deliver some exciting news about Windows 7. As of today, the beta will be available for download and installation from MSDN and other sources. The files will be available for download starting tomorrow, January 9th. Says Ballmer of the occasion: Im thrilled to announce the availability of the Windows 7 ...

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Quite Simply, Windows 7 Has Leaked

Don’t act surprised. It was only a matter of time before Microsoft’s next OS hit the torrent sites, considering Microsoft was handing out copies of Windows 7 to PDC (Professional Developers Conference) attendees. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions have leaked, weighing in at 2.72GB and 3.36GB, respectively. It looks like a lot of people are hopping on these torrents ...

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No Windows 7 For You!

Waiting for an end to Vista? Don’t hold your breath. Microsoft will release Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista before it releases Windows 7 it’s been announced. Ugh. It feels like Bush being elected for a third term. Link

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Microsoft Announces Windows 7

Up until now, Microsoft was peddling Windows Vista as it’s latest and greatest operating system. Sure, the company had briefly mentioned Windows 7 but it was just a codename and not much came out of it. Today, Microsoft is giving Windows 7 it’s official name and will be releasing developer betas soon. The official name of the next OS? Windows ...

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