‘Lookin’ Retarded’ Isn’t A Def Leppard Song

See this picture above you? How could you not? It’s ridiculous looking. You’d think it was a VR unit from your favorite 1993 arcade. It’s not. This is the Exar Paradise, a home oxygen bar that is way too big, looks stupid and probably won’t fit in your third-floor walk up.

Like I said, I don’t see how anyone except the exceedingly rich would purchase one of these. What makes it so special? Oh how I am glad you asked…

Clicking on the “O2 smart e O2 fantasy” navigation option gives us an animation of two office workers flying through space with more austere office models, advertised as an “elegant portable oxygen ministation for home, office, professionist.” The Oxy regeneration system looks more relaxing, covering the user’s face with a giant hemispherical dome called “Mecum,” which combines oxyhuffing with “video theraputic visions,” while the chair delivers a shiatsu massage to its occupant.

I’m sold. Let me go grab a few vials of Ketamine and we’ll be ready to rock.


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