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Cassini visits Saturn’s oxygenated moon

he Cassini spacecraft has detected atmospheric oxygen on Rhea, a rocky, icy moon orbiting Saturn. 950 miles in diameter (less than half that of our moon), the tiny world is covered with water ice, which likely produces free oxygen as it is bombarded with charged particles from the magnetosphere of its parent planet, Saturn.

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‘Lookin’ Retarded’ Isn’t A Def Leppard Song

See this picture above you? How could you not? It’s ridiculous looking. You’d think it was a VR unit from your favorite 1993 arcade. It’s not. This is the Exar Paradise, a home oxygen bar that is way too big, looks stupid and probably won’t fit in your third-floor walk up. Like I said, I don’t see how anyone except ...

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Oxygen Bag Gets Me Light Headed

When it comes to climbing, backpacks are an important part of your apparel. They carry all of your food, equipment and in some rare instances something beneficially misplaced. That’s where the O2 Bag comes in. The Japanese adventure supply company, Ymup has equipped this ordinary backpack with a battery-powered oxygen generator, making those ascents into thin-air environments all the more ...

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