Augmented Reality Mask Emulates The Matrix


Perhaps one day, our world will be ravaged by gigantic robots, nuclear war and stray cats. If this occured, would you really want to spend your days looking at dilapidated buildings and the sort? Of course not. Then, in comes the Augmented Reality Mask to save the day. Trust me when I say it’d go perfectly with the Urban Security Suit.

Supposedly, the mask is intended to provide a “jacked in” feel just like Neo experienced in the movie The Matrix. You’ll see an entirely new landscape, breathe in fresh air and will even be able to smell the virtual environment around you. The mask was designed by Frog Design and is only a prototype at the moment. Perhaps one day we’ll all be wearing these around a post-apocalyptic New York. Hit the jump to see what it looks like with the mask on.



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