Lock Away Work Station For The Paranoid

When it’s been a long day at work and you’re sapped of any energy you require to pack up your belongings and scurry home, you’ll need to facilitate the process. A briefcase doesn’t come close to fitting your whole workstation in it like the Cyber Box does. It’s a cubicle on the move that, when on your way out, forces you to take the elevator.

Designer Jacky Nicolas wanted to give workers a way to lock up their computer into an elegant case when not in use. It was designed for home use, but I can imagine this working well in the cubicle-ridden world of business.� It’s like a collapsible fortress of solitude that you can lock up to keep Lex Luthers (your co-workers) away from.� You can bet that with a base made of beechwood, chromium metal parts and industrial castors, the Cyber Box doesn’t come in cheap.� Although, if you’re Bill Lumburg it won’t matter.


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