Listen to Howard Stern on the iPhone

For whatever reason, the official Sirius XM iPhone app doesn’t include Howard Stern’s satellite radio stations. For many subscribers who pay almost exclusively for Howard, this has been quite the annoyance. The free iPhone app Music Dock delivers all of the Sirius XM content, including Howard, Opie & Anthony and Oprah, to your iPhone. All you need is your Sirius or XM Premium log-in information.

I’ve tested out the app and it works completely as advertised. Actually, there are a few features that even trump the official Sirius XM app, including album art. The app is free, so you really don’t have anything to lose.

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  1. the app works great i can listen to howard stern now

  2. THANK YOU. How frustrating what I just went through the last 90 minutes trying to get this to work. I finally gave up but then thought to try a search and found this program. It is working great. Thanks so much.

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