Apple Releases Sirius-XM iPhone App


Woohoo! Maybe now my shares of Sirius-XM will actually gain a little on this news. But yeah! Apple FINALLY released the Sirius-XM iPhone app today and it comes with a few surprises that subscribers will gladly welcome. The big kahuna is that you can stream satellite radio over 3G, turning your iPhone into the ultimate portable radio. It also sports an easy-to-use killer interface. Want to try it out? There’s a 7-day trial going down right now. Hop on it.

UPDATE: No Stern, MLB or NFL. Big mistake.


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  1. I was so excited when I saw this today. I was then equally disappointed and angry at the lack of Howard Stern. The other channels are okay, but there are a million similar streaming apps for free already, and really all my wife and I have Sirius for is Howard.

  2. It’s kind of bullshit to leave those 3 channels out but it makes sense considering the MLB’s iPhone app, etc.:

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