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Listen to Howard Stern on the iPhone

For whatever reason, the official Sirius XM iPhone app doesn’t include Howard Stern’s satellite radio stations. For many subscribers who pay almost exclusively for Howard, this has been quite the annoyance. The free iPhone app Music Dock delivers all of the Sirius XM content, including Howard, Opie & Anthony and Oprah, to your iPhone. All you need is your Sirius ...

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Apple Releases Sirius-XM iPhone App

Woohoo! Maybe now my shares of Sirius-XM will actually gain a little on this news. But yeah! Apple FINALLY released the Sirius-XM iPhone app today and it comes with a few surprises that subscribers will gladly welcome. The big kahuna is that you can stream satellite radio over 3G, turning your iPhone into the ultimate portable radio. It also sports ...

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XM-Sirius Will Most Likely File For Bankruptcy

The New York Times tends to be a pretty reputable news source. So when I read last night that XM-Sirius Satellite Radio is probably going to file for bankruptcy, I felt like absolute shit. Why? Because I recently bought some shares of the company hoping it’d recover by 2011. Apparently CEO Mel Karmazin just can’t get the company to turn ...

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Someone At Sirius Has No Heart

I don’t know what you did to piss Sirius Satellite Radio off. Maybe you forgot to pay your bill a month? Perhaps you told them to “piss off” when they offered you a hardware upgrade? Whatever you did, they just got us back real nicely. Sirius is debuting ABBA Radio. God help us. At least it doesn’t launch until July ...

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