Spotted at, of all places, the Oregon State Fair, this LEGO Yoda model just about made me shit bricks. Let it be known that my fecal bricks rarely take the form of Star Wars characters. My crap prefers Futurama for some reason. You haven’t lived until you’ve crapped out an accurate model of Professor Farnsworth.

Surprisingly, Yoda only took second place in the fair. WTF?! That’s an outrage. I want to see what in the hell could have possibly been cooler than Yoda, and by god it better include zombies.


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  1. There have been other places, that have done lego yodas:

  2. Yoda shouldn’t have even done THAT well — that’s a retail set! Sold by LEGO in 2002.

  3. Oh, David, thanks for that. That’s so cheap.

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