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Adult Swim Pool Party Makes Us Miss The Summer Even More

What I wouldn’t pay to be at this party. Featuring all of your favorites, staring at the Adult Swim pool party is a surefire way to hate the winter even more. Gotta love how Brak is petting Brian. Brian’s expression is pretty classic. Even da a-freakin’ Pope makes an appearance. Link

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Spotted at, of all places, the Oregon State Fair, this LEGO Yoda model just about made me shit bricks. Let it be known that my fecal bricks rarely take the form of Star Wars characters. My crap prefers Futurama for some reason. You haven’t lived until you’ve crapped out an accurate model of Professor Farnsworth. Surprisingly, Yoda only took second ...

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Hell Yeah! Futurama is Back!

Finally a confirmation! And even more than we expected! A 20th Century Fox rep has confirmed that Futurama will return for at least 26 more episodes. The show’s return is planned for early 2010. The show didn’t hit its massively popular peak until DVD sales skyrocketed and Comedy Central’s reruns brought in the ratings. While the money is surely the ...

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