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Spotted at, of all places, the Oregon State Fair, this LEGO Yoda model just about made me shit bricks. Let it be known that my fecal bricks rarely take the form of Star Wars characters. My crap prefers Futurama for some reason. You haven’t lived until you’ve crapped out an accurate model of Professor Farnsworth. Surprisingly, Yoda only took second ...

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LEGO Pirate Will Steal Your Yellow Bricks

One of our favorite holidays is coming up on September 19th. While technically everyday should be “Talk Like a Pirate Day” for us, September 19th is the day the world comes together and arghs and urghs in harmony. In celebration of this kickass holiday and as an entry for September’s Mini Build Design Contest, Flickr user polywen created this awesome ...

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“OMG! They Killed Kenny!” LEGO Brick Sculpture Creation

Two things can be expected when watching an episode of South Park. One, you’re bound to laugh at something, even if it’s in disgust. Two, a heavily jacketed boy by the name of Kenny McCormick is going to die in some gory manner, every time without fail. This OMG! They Killed Kenny! LEGO Brick Sculpture was created by Dirk VH. ...

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LEGO Luigi is Tired of Mario’s Shit

So, I was chilling with Luigi the other day and he’s all like, “Yo dawg, I’m mad sick over Mario poppin’ up in all my shit, aight?” So I was all like, “Well, Luigi, buddy old pal, you’re going to have to do something to overshadow Mario’s incredible reach.” Luigi concurred. Hence, he commisioned this magnificent LEGO self-portrait. Composed of ...

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LEGO Safe Won’t Protect from Sledge Hammer, Children Over Six

It’s a brick world, baby. But some gadgets, believe it or not, are better left un-brick-ified. While this LEGO Safe looks killer, I sincerely doubt that it would do much good protecting your valuables. The most I would store in here is maybe a few other LEGO bricks, some spare change, perhaps you could throw your stash in as well. ...

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