Lava Lamp Shot Glasses Make Or Break Your Trip


My friend Dennis once told me a story about drinking in Japan. Turns out after a few rounds, he did a shot of 2C-E and the night turned into a grooved out trip. Thanks to the bright lights of Tokyo and Akihabara, he was able to roam the streets with something interesting to gaze at for a few hours.

Unfortunately, your suburb may not have the charm or lights of Japan, so why not make the LSD go down a little easier with these Lava Lamp Shot Glasses. When you pour the booze or industrial chemicals in, the bright LEDs light up and you feel a little happier inside. Lights go out when the glass is empty or when you pass out in your crazy ass bathtub. At $8.95 each, they’re perfect for your friend’s birthday.

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  1. I think these are really cool looking.

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