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Glow In The Dark Fungus

This is some trippy shit. Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms found in Japan. During the season of rains in certain regions of Japan, the forests begin to fill with small lights: in the trunks of the trees and the humid ground hundreds of bioluminescent fungi grow, that thanks to a chemical reaction produced by an enzyme, emit a light that shines in a ...

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3-D Maze Ball Looks Trippy

After reading the description of this maze, I’m still not sure I entirely understand it: Have puzzles gone pass? With the advent and subsequent mainstreaming of videogames caused physical toys to go by the wayside? What do you get when you multiply six by nine? The answer to the first two questions is “No,” and the last, “42.” What? I’m ...

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LumiTable Lights Up The Nightlife

Some say that I have a thing for glowing, ambient lights. Very true. Hence why I’m kind of going ga-ga over LumiGram’s LumiTable. It’s a 63″ x 13″ and costs $195 but boy will it pay off when you throw a party. It’s made of LumiGram’s proprietary fiber optic material called Luminex (boy, such originality with product names!). The LumiTable ...

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Take a peek at this psychedelic time lapse video of various molds and mushrooms. It’s complete with techno music that’s sure to make your hallucinogenic experience one to be remembered. Remember folks, eat fungus responsibly; there is no telling what could happen. Link (via)

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Lava Lamp Shot Glasses Make Or Break Your Trip

My friend Dennis once told me a story about drinking in Japan. Turns out after a few rounds, he did a shot of 2C-E and the night turned into a grooved out trip. Thanks to the bright lights of Tokyo and Akihabara, he was able to roam the streets with something interesting to gaze at for a few hours. Unfortunately, ...

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