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Shotcarver: Carve, Pour, Drink

Drinking is always fun, but finding creative new ways to get smashed never ceases to please. The Shotcarver is a $12 gizmo that will instantly carve a shot glass out of anything that’s malleable. Have an apple? Carve that core out and load it up with 99 Apples. Boom. The next time it snows in your area, pack up a ...

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Shot Glass Printing Machine

Here’s a video of a RepRap machine that can print out its own three-dimensional shot glasses. Does a robot get any cooler than that? Yes. The kind that brings you a beer. Why not get a LEGO Mindstorms setup going on that pours liquor into finished shotglasses? Now there’s an idea. Link

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Lava Lamp Shot Glasses Make Or Break Your Trip

My friend Dennis once told me a story about drinking in Japan. Turns out after a few rounds, he did a shot of 2C-E and the night turned into a grooved out trip. Thanks to the bright lights of Tokyo and Akihabara, he was able to roam the streets with something interesting to gaze at for a few hours. Unfortunately, ...

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