Underwater Disco Lightshow: Because You Know You Rock Out To The Village People In The Bath


I’m a firm believer in keeping all electronics away from water that I happen to be submerged in. Call me crazy, I just happen to much prefer the scent of lathered soap to the singeing of my own flesh. Don’t give me that “Well, Andrew, technically the gadget has to be plugged into a socket in order to deal a lethal dose of electricity.” This blogger is living on the safe side.

For all of you bathtub thrill seekers, Firebox offers an Underwater Disco Lightshow, which turns your tub into a tackier version of Saturday Night Fever. Battery powered and 100% waterproof (so they say,) all you have to do is strap your iPod into the waterproof enclosure and let the Lightshow do the rest. My iPod is going no where near the bottem of my bathtub. — Andrew Dobrow

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