Floating iPod Sound System waterproofs your music – CES 2007

ego case

Summer might seem far away now, with temperatures well below the comfortable level, but these frigid months will pass quicker then you think. When the temperatures pull a 180 and become uncomfortably hot, you might want to just lie around the pool all day and soak. And if you don’t have a pool, at least in an iced bath tub. But what’s the fun of sitting by the pool if you don’t have your favorite tunes blaring through the speakers. Sure, you could connect your iPod to a stereo, but then every time you want to change the song you have to get off your tube, out of the refreshing water, to turn the song, while burning your feet on the hot concrete surface as a bonus. Atlantic offers a solution.

We don’t know if we would trust our iPod in a “waterproof” device unless that thing was guaranteed to be tighter then security at the Rose Bowl. Though the idea is a good one! The Atlantic Ego Waterproof Sound Case can be used in the shower, as well as swimming pools, Vietnam, baptisms, and rain forest. Pretty much anywhere that there is a substantial amount of moisture that would once be a deterrent in lugging around your iPod, is now able to be safely navigated and funkified with the sound of your favorite tunes. The Case is available now for a suggested retail price of $200 or 40000000000 bottle caps. — Andrew Dobrow

Floating iPod sound system [via TG Daily]

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