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Stuck Goldfish Bath Plug

This is what I imagine would happen if your Goldfish died from obesity and got stuck as you tried to flush it town the shower drain. Stuck like Winnie the Pooh’s fat ass in his window. Stuck like my junk in a beer bottle. Don’t ask, please. And please, let me just assure you, this appears to be much more ...

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There Was An Old Woman Who Bathed In a Shoe

I can understand poverty. I’m a two-bit blogger who lives in public housing. But what I can’t understand is why a woman with so many children that she apparently “didn’t know what to do” with all of them, would live in a damn shoe. Couldn’t she find something that was a little less likely to cause her children to get ...

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Rock Out With Your Cock Out

There’s no better place to sing than in the shower. The problem lies in bringing your stereo into the bathtub without shocking the life out of you. Electronics and water usually don’t mix, unless it’s some sort of fish robot.� That’s why a shampoo shaped FM Radio is a clutch utility to have when in the shower. OK, so it’s ...

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Music floating in your bubble bath: flat-panel speaker MP3 player

Victor-JVC Japan is introducing a new MP3 player to their “health and healing” line of products, what’s so unconventional about this funny looking audio player is that it actually floats in your tub and plays music right next to your rubber duck duck. Wouldn’t water get into those holes? Good question, and Victor-JVC has it solved by using a NXT ...

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