KeyKatcher: Unobtrusive, Inconspicuous, and Totally Nosy Keylogger


If your one of those guys who call themselves “protective”, but who really just feel the need to be all creepy and know every single aspect of their girl’s life, this handy Keystroke Recorder might be right up your alley. We’ve seen other contraptions which you can add to your keyboard cable to log the output, but this recorder looks much more inconspicuous, appearing like a standard keyboard port extension.

Fine, fine, so there are other reasons you might want to use such a gadget then just spying on your girlfriend. Maybe you have kids in the house, and you want to monitor their chatting and internet activity. Come on, we all know there are other ways to go about that. Just get it over with and accuse her of cheating already so you can go abuse someone else.


Andrew Dobrow

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