USB Keylogger will spy on your ho


Curiosity is the one human element that we believe to be universal. Everybody wants to know more about the people they live amongst. Sure, it could possibly put you in jail, but isn’t it worth it? No, no it isn’t. The USB Keylogger is the easy way to go about it. No software needed. The USB Keylogger plugs directly into your USB keyboard and monitors every key typed.

We think it was made for office security purposes, but there is no reason it couldn’t be used to keep an eye on your slutty girlfriend, maybe pick up a few passwords along the way. Easy spying comes at a high price. Depending on the level of security and power, the price will range between $199-$349. A lot of cash for something you can download free online as a software app. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. The software apps are very easy to discover. Also, if your slutty girlfriend uses Ubuntu like me, then your software keylogger will be useless. I know that hardware PS/2 keyloggers can be had for about $20.

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