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5 Dangers from Keyloggers – What You Need to Know


Anti-virus is dated. So are hackers. Everybody knows what an anti-virus does – kill and mutate viruses. Everybody knows that hackers steal your personal information. However, did you know that you might be feeding in your personal information to the hackers by what you’re typing in on your keyboards? Yes, the menace of keyloggers is a real one. Usually called ...

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KeyKatcher: Unobtrusive, Inconspicuous, and Totally Nosy Keylogger

If your one of those guys who call themselves “protective”, but who really just feel the need to be all creepy and know every single aspect of their girl’s life, this handy Keystroke Recorder might be right up your alley. We’ve seen other contraptions which you can add to your keyboard cable to log the output, but this recorder looks ...

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USB Keylogger will spy on your ho

Curiosity is the one human element that we believe to be universal. Everybody wants to know more about the people they live amongst. Sure, it could possibly put you in jail, but isn’t it worth it? No, no it isn’t. The USB Keylogger is the easy way to go about it. No software needed. The USB Keylogger plugs directly into ...

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