MySpace to assist in issuing Amber Alerts, will also release child monitoring software


Probably the smartest move MySpace, as a business and livelihood, has chosen to take so far. News Corp Inc. announced that will be teaming with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to inform the public of Amber Alerts.

For those of you born in a cage, Amber Alerts are the national alert system through law agencies to signal that their is a possibly kidnapped child. Using this system, pictures and last known whereabouts of the child are distributed to all law officials, media outlets, and now, to

This partnership is somewhat of an odd pairing considering the situations that children get in on MySpace. Though as a business decision, it’s a smart way to get the hawk eyes off of its back for now. Other then the evident selfish reasons why MySpace would make this agreement, having alerts spread through MySpace will be an effective way of spreading the news and identity of the missing child. Increasing the kids chance of a safe recovery.

MySpace has also recently announced it’s development of software that will allow parents to monitor their childs use of MySpace, while also keeping tabs of the age and location the child says they are from. — Andrew Dobrow

MySpace to Distribute Amber Alerts [PhysOrg]

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