Keyboard Cuts The Middle Man And Packs In A Full PC


The product description claims that this device packs in a full PC into a “normal sized keyboard”. You can tell by looking at this monster that it’s definitely not “normal sized”. Maybe if keyboards have morbidly obese uncle’s? Then possibly the claim could stand some sort of validity.

All nostril flaring aside, even if this keyboard isn’t exactly “normal sized”, the prospect of owning a PC inside of a keyboard sounds promising. Actually, I might have heard of something like that before. It was called a “laptop”. Again, I jest. Pick up your own All-In-One Keyboard PC for between $629 and $1099, depending on the extra crap you want to add-in. Or you can save yourself some trouble and get a MacBook Pro, or wait a few years for something like the Zen PC concept.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Hi, the 80s called, they want their C64, Sinclair Spectrum, Colecovision, Amiga, Atari 400/800/XE/ST/Falcon back…

    Not entirely sure why it’s taken until now for someone to do it with a PC. I mean we’ve had PC laptops – that are basically a shrunken version of this with a screen bolted on – for donkey’s years now.

    Those keycaps look disturbing shallow, by the way. They’re almost … laptoppy… hmm.

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