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8 Geeky Product And Gadget Combos Of Curiosity

There has been a metaphorical shit-storm of weird products recently, combining odd branding with some of the most obscure of gadgets. And while dropping a brand name on a box in order to sell a few more products isn’t necessarily rare, some of these branding combos are pretty out of this world. The eight gadgets which follow are not only ...

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Keyboard Cuts The Middle Man And Packs In A Full PC

The product description claims that this device packs in a full PC into a “normal sized keyboard”. You can tell by looking at this monster that it’s definitely not “normal sized”. Maybe if keyboards have morbidly obese uncle’s? Then possibly the claim could stand some sort of validity. All nostril flaring aside, even if this keyboard isn’t exactly “normal sized”, ...

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TV combo and DVD player for the real Pirates

If you happened to be a fan of the Pirates of Caribbean movie and sick of all those stupid costumes & party balloon packs, you might be interested in this new line of home electronics offered by Runa Japan based on the movie. The retro 14″ CRT TV (with DVD below) is going to look hot in your room, your ...

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