Kegstands on the ISS: Space Beer


Yes, you read correctly: space beer. Sapporo Holdings, one of Japan’s largest makers of beer, have helped cultivate barley in space. Barley, being the resilient grain it is, is able to withstand a diverse range of temperatures making it an ideal plant to be cultivated in space. Sapporo has stated that they will not be producing the “space beer” on a commercial level, but will be brewing around 100 bottles total.

“In the future, we may reach a point where humans will spend an extended period of time in space and must grow food to sustain ourselves,” Sugimoto said.

Yeah, sustain their liver. Getting fucked up in zero-gravity sounds like a good time, but I hear vomiting is a strange experience in space. No matter. Cheers to space beer!

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  1. Dogfish Head needs to do this.

  2. Russian variant of the article is here

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