JustDubs – 16 JustDubs Alternatives To Watch English Dubbed Anime in [2021]

Anyone who knows about the anime world and is obsessed with them is aware of JustDubs. 

JustDubs is a free website for anime lovers to consume anime for free, it has a lot of content available for anime lovers from shows to films, it has everything. It also had these anime available in HD.

Unfortunately very recently due to location complexities and government restrictions their content is not available to most viewers. 

Don’t worry we have just the solution for you, we have curated a list of 16 JustDubs Alternatives for you to pick from so that you can enjoy anime content hassle free like you used to with or without JustDubs,


What Happened to JustDubs?

It has been going through technical issues in some locations. It was even banned by the government, most users aren’t able to access it but don’t worry we have just the solution for you.

Is JustDubs Down?

Yes, in most places it is. It is going through a technical glitch and in some regions, it’s even banned due to the government boycott. It is a shame since most anime lovers used to love JustDubs but there are other alternatives you can always choose from. 

16 Alternatives to JustDubs to watch English Dubbed Anime

Here are at top 16  websites you can go for if you are looking for an alternative for JustDubs

1. KissAnime


This is one of the oldest anime sites, it offers all the anime shows and films, everything that there is for free of cost. Most users love it for the efficiency of its interface and how easy it is to search for the anime you are looking for. The website frequently updates its homepage with brand new content. It also has other Hollywood movies that you can view in the resolution of 240p to 1080p. KissAnime is not just a website, it’s an experience that one shouldn’t miss.

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2. Crunchyroll

Image: Crunchyroll

This is another website that has a wonderful library of anime, it has anime from all genres be it mystery, romance, drama, or even science fiction. It is known to be one of the best alternatives to JustDubs that are available online. It has a collection of 25,000 episodes and streams them in record time. The anime on the home page is classified in a very simplified way, you will be able to watch any anime you are looking for. The quality it offers for the anime content is 720p so as long as you have a good wifi connection it’s smooth sailing in the sea of anime for you.

3. AnimeLand

Image: AnimeLand

AnimeLand Land has a vast collection of anime, the number is 45,00 anime that you can access without any mandatory sign-up rules. You can also stream all of this in HD quality. You can search for what you are looking for either by going through its well-classified catalog on the home page or by making use of the search bar. It’s very efficient in helping you look for what you want. The interference alone has gathered many fans, every anime has a small description, a small synopsis if you may for every episode along with character details and storyline. AnimeLand HD adds new anime every chance it gets for its users to never run out of things that it can binge-watch. It also has a proactive support system for its users. 

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4. GoGoAnime 

Image: GoGoAnime 

Another great alternative for JustDubs is GoGoAnime, it is ranked no 1 by a lot of anime lovers. It has a simple layout that enables the users to navigate easily. GogGoAnime has Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese anime. The genres too are quite well organized, they have fantasy, kids, action, romance, mystery, and so on. Any genre you would want to watch is available here. It also has a feature of recently added and new seasons so that you never miss out on your favorite shows. You can also download content from their website. You can stream and download content from this site in Full HD quality and you can also access English subtitles without being bothered too much. It also has a proactive support system.

5. AnimeUltima 

Image: AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is an amazing alternative for JustDubs. The website gives the options of amazing features to y=its users. Anime lovers can watch anime that is dubbed in English, the website also has its own media player and has unlimited anime that one can enjoy.

6. Chia-Anime TV

Chia-Anime is one of the most popular anime websites on the internet. It is known for how accessible it is to its users. This website allows users to view their content in 3D and with 360-degree viewing. At the same time, the content on this website is free. FOr those of you who love Asian drama and series, this is the place to go.

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7. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven
Image: Anime Heaven

As the name suggests it is indeed heaven for anime, it also happens to be free to use. The films and Shows are classified to help you find whatever it is that you are looking for. You can locate anime, movies that have just come out, and new shows by typing in their year and genre. This website has everything that makes it one of the best alternatives to JustDubs. It’s one of the most user-friendly sites as well. It has an amazing interface that is user-friendly as well as quite pretty to look at. Anime heaven has everything that an anime lover needs and wants.

8. Anime Planet

Anime Planet
Image: Anime Planet

This website has a massive collection of anime content. You might have noticed the name and it doesn’t do it any justice, you can stream online films whenever you want from wherever you are. It also has the latest anime streaming in HD. It has links for streaming anime on the internet, the users can access it all the time and the website works with a colorful interface too. Overall it’s a very accessible website with a very well-organized catalog to choose from. Another feature that we like about them is that they have a rating system for the anime so that users don’t have to waste their time on content that has not done well.

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9. AnimePahe

Image: AnimePahe

AnimePahe is one of the coolest anime sites. It has various captions, copies, recordings, and free anime that you can view for free. It doesn’t ask for your postal code if you are just trying to download a simple anime. It does have a few bothersome ads and a couple of promotions but if you get through that it still has a great interface. The content available here is in 720p, the home page has trending anime and the latest episodes of the popular anime, the anime page keeps their home page updated for their users to always have something to binge-watch.

10. AnimeToon

Image: AnimeToon

This website has a great catalog of anime that has just been released if that’s not enough, it also has the older ones that you might be nostalgic for. It has all this amazing content for free and a ton of other features that will not make you miss JustDubs at all. You will have to power through with useless ads. Once you do that you can access High-Quality anime without buffering.

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11. 9Anime

Image: 9Anime

This too is one of the most popular anime websites for anime lovers all around the world. The community shows this website enough love so that we don’t have to but we will try. 9Anime is a free anime streaming website. If you are looking to stream the best quality anime then this is the website for you. It has anime that is dubbed in English and you will find other languages too. It also allows you to download anime without any hassle. All you have to know is the name of the anime you are looking for. The site doesn’t have ads to bother you and the speed of the content depends entirely on your wifi. So why are you still here?

12. CartoonCrazy

Image: CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy has the most amazing collection of anime and a lot of kid’s shows and movies. Just like our favorite JustDUbs it also has a vast collection of anime content. Best remains that you can enjoy it without spending a dime, all the anime content here is free. It has many genres to pick from all of which are categorized in a  very efficient way and since the website caters to children as well it works quite smoothly without any hassle. The interface is amazing and the design as we discussed is compatible with children a well.

13. Sidereel 

Image: Sidereel 

This website is a great alternative to JustDUbs, it has anime, tv shows, and even movies. It has been quite a popular site as it also caters to children. It has kid’s shows, performances in different genres. The classification of content is quite easily done and you just need to use the search engine to find what you are looking for, even if you don’t do that as long as you know what you want you will be able to find it. It has a wonderful catalog of anime and other content. The site has been popular for how easy going it is.

 14. AnimeShow.tv 

Image: AnimeShow.tv

This is one of the coolest streaming websites with amazing anime content, it has everything you need, every genre you can hope for. From action, fantasy, drama, mystery, romance to name a few. Everything is at your disposal and is always a click away. They do have a few ads but it also gives you an option of being a part of the conversation. The site is easygoing in terms of its interface and has amazing features that will make you miss JustDubs less.

15. AnimeLab

Image: AnimeLab

This website provides a variety of anime content available to you in HD quality. It gives JustDubs a very serious competition. It has graphics that are very easy on the eyes and an interface that even a baby can use. In the mainstream, it’s one of the well-known anime websites where you can safely watch anime. All you need to do is sign up and voila you can watch whatever anime you want to watch and the speed of it completely depends on your wifi.

16. Watchdub

Image: Watchdub

Watch thousands of anime without paying anything, last but not least is Watchdub that has a collection of amazing anime n curated just for an avid anime lover. 


We would like to finish this article by saying you are very welcome. We know getting over a website that may have been your rock could be hard but we are sure this list will help you find the perfect and well-deserved alternative for JustDubs that checks all the boxes.

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