Joel Johnson’s Gnarly Wireless LED Light Brigade

Joel Johnson, a good friend and friendly rival over at BB Gadgets, has been tinkering with some LEDs for his latest project. Using a wireless Xmas light set, you’ll see that Joel has rigged it so when a special wand-like transmitter is waved over the lights, they shine with all their might. Each light has a wireless antenna inside that reads from the transmitter. A very novel idea, especially when Joel plans on debuting his finished project at Burning Man.

When I asked about making 900 MHz antenna, this was the project I was working on: tiny wireless power fobs that will go on the keychain of those in my camp at Burning Man this year. As you can see they’re relatively big � they’re repurposed wireless LED Christmas ornaments that were part of this tree from Frontgate (now discontinued) � and they have antennas in the green boards themselves. I figured why mess with success (especially when my attempts at making little coiled antenna failed)?

As you can see in the video, they’re obviously at their most bright when you get the transmitter antenna right next to them, but I’ve had them start glowing when on the same plane as the transmitter from up to almost ten feet away. Not exactly a homing beacon for those lost on the playa, but they should work fine as little secret power crystals � well, test tubes, thanks to my roommate Jesse’s work � that light up when you get near enough to our most important Burning Man camp project: our own private Port-A-Potty.

If you want to know more (and after watching that video, I’m sure you do) or give compliment b*****bs, hit the link below.


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