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How The Pepsi Logo Entered The 21st Century

I love Joel. I really do. He’s a good friend and when he’s drunk, I try to steal Boing Boing’s bank account number. But alas, our good friend Joel has uncovered a 6MB PDF file that supposedly was used to convince the Pepsi execs to change the logo. Surely you’ve seen those new Pepsi cans, right? Regardless, it seems the ...

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Joel Johnson Visits Electro-Harmonix

Any guitarist with an array of pedals most likely has one from Electro-Harmonix. The Long Island City-based company (represent!) allowed Boing Boing’s Joel Johnson in for a video tour of the factory and the results are a spectacle to behold. Did you know that Electro-Harmonix is the largest manufacturer of vacuum tubes in the world? Neither did I. Check it ...

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Mac OS X Compatibility Chart For The Latest Netbooks

Interested in running Mac OS X on your new netbook? Then check out this compatibility chart provided by Rob Beschizza of Boing Boing Gadgets. Because Apple takes its sweet time on all of its ideas, netbook users have taken it upon themselves to try and get the Mac operating system running on various different netbooks. According to Rob, the ideal ...

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Joel Johnson’s Gnarly Wireless LED Light Brigade

Joel Johnson, a good friend and friendly rival over at BB Gadgets, has been tinkering with some LEDs for his latest project. Using a wireless Xmas light set, you’ll see that Joel has rigged it so when a special wand-like transmitter is waved over the lights, they shine with all their might. Each light has a wireless antenna inside that ...

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