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49 Microwaves Play “Jingle Bells”

Here’s video of a crew of people setting up 49 microwave ovens to play the classic Christmas tune, “Jingle Bells.” It’s not 100% fluid, but nonetheless an impressive feat. I wonder how much planning it took to figure out how to sync them all up… Link

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Happy Holidays From Gearfuse!

We’d personally like to wish you happy holidays from the staff at Gearfuse. Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus, the team would like to wish you a good one. Spend some time with family, eat some delicious food and unwrap some fantastic gifts. Who knows, maybe you’ll score an Arduino this year! We’ll be taking off today and tomorrow ...

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Joel Johnson’s Gnarly Wireless LED Light Brigade

Joel Johnson, a good friend and friendly rival over at BB Gadgets, has been tinkering with some LEDs for his latest project. Using a wireless Xmas light set, you’ll see that Joel has rigged it so when a special wand-like transmitter is waved over the lights, they shine with all their might. Each light has a wireless antenna inside that ...

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