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Retro Cellphone Wallet Includes Antenna

Perhaps one of the geekiest wallets I’ve ever seen, Toddland offers this Retro Cellphone Wallet. So retro that it includes an antenna. Each wallet runs for $24. If cellphones aren’t your thing (God help you if they aren’t,) Toddland offers a few different geeky designs, including a UFO wallet and a Rocket Ship wallet. Nothing else quite like this Cellphone ...

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Joel Johnson’s Gnarly Wireless LED Light Brigade

Joel Johnson, a good friend and friendly rival over at BB Gadgets, has been tinkering with some LEDs for his latest project. Using a wireless Xmas light set, you’ll see that Joel has rigged it so when a special wand-like transmitter is waved over the lights, they shine with all their might. Each light has a wireless antenna inside that ...

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DIY: Ugly Yagi WiFi Antenna

If you want your friends to think you’re a cheap bastard (and you know you are) and want to give your laptop the WiFi capabilities it so desperately needs, Ublog has a step-by-step DIY tutorial to make a simple and cheap Yagi antenna. Who would’ve though a piece of wood and a series of rods were all the components you ...

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WiFi Predator Noses Out Free Signals From Afar

Unsecured networks, get ready for your worst nightmare (if you imagine this said in the voice of the movie trailer voice-over guy it’s much more funny.) No signal is safe from… The WiFi Predator. The Predator is basically a modified wireless router connected to a high powered antennae, which runs off of a custom honed firmware, scoping out Wifi signals ...

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External cellphone antenna for crappy indoor coverage

One of the reasons of choosing a cellphone operator over another would be coverage, but no matter how good the network is there are always blind spots, this is especially true when you are 3G users (higher frequency lower diffraction), out of the city center, or even in your own room sometimes. NTT DoCoMo has got it figured out and ...

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