WiFi Predator Noses Out Free Signals From Afar


Unsecured networks, get ready for your worst nightmare (if you imagine this said in the voice of the movie trailer voice-over guy it’s much more funny.) No signal is safe from… The WiFi Predator.

The Predator is basically a modified wireless router connected to a high powered antennae, which runs off of a custom honed firmware, scoping out Wifi signals from a distance, and tapping into any unsecured wireless connections. If more than one signal is found, the Predator automatically chooses the one with the highest signal. This summer… no Starbucks is safe.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Wow that’s pretty cool, I should make myself one of those !

  2. What is the distance that the predater receiver signal from

  3. No idea Alfred. Try Googling around for it.

  4. This thing is SICK!!!!
    Mine gets Over 10 miles but i use a free hotspot
    about 5 miles away for my internet connection
    I use it for my XBoX Live or Wii wireless setup!
    No Computer even needed!
    I found this web site Unreal!



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