It’s Peanut Butter Time, No Jelly

If you’re wondering how George Washington Carver discovered three hundred uses for peanuts, you’re wasting your time. Everyone knows there is only one use for peanuts and that’s the creation of delicious peanut butter. By the end of the month, this peanut butter machine will be available for you to crush up your favorite shell nuts into creamy rich nut butter.� Mmm – nut butter. Who knows how many double-ended jars you could fill with an endless supply of homemade nut butter and with your MacGyver-skills, you could come up with some interesting blends of nuts.

You could open your own shop that sells custom nut butter and if the name hasn’t already been taken, you could call your store, “Totally Nuts For Nut Butter”.� You might be thinking, is $50 dollars a decent price for a peanut butter machine? Are you fucking kidding me? I’d put my house on a second mortgage to get a hold of one of these!

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  1. dam i wish i had that machine

  2. I recently purchased a 1 kg bottle of Just Peanuts Peanut butter. It tastes okay but is really runny. Is there any way to thicken it up without damaging the nutritional advantages? It just runs off the bread. Could I add something like arrowroot? Would refrigeration help?

    The bottle says 100% Peanuts, No sugar or salt added.

    Thanks for your help in this.

    Bill Perkins

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