Simple, Yet Innovative: The Easy PB&J Double-Ended Jar


Day in and day out, we make sandwiches. Such delicious sandwiches with spreads like mayonnaise, peanut butter and gnutella. However, with a recession upon us, we must all do our part to conserve and not waste vital resources such as food. Enter the Easy PB&J Double-Ended Jar.

Simply put, it’s a basic jar with a lid on each side. This way, when your spread is running low, instead of jamming a knife in there trying to reach the last of the goop, you simply flip the jar and open the adjacent side’s lid. Next thing you know, you’re scooping out more white stuff than Jenna Jameson after a 10-hour shoot. The Easy PB&J Jar would compliment the FridgeFork quite nicely.

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  1. that … is … GENIUS!

  2. this product is amazing! where can I purchase this?!

  3. This is… GENIUS. No more scraping the bottoms of jars, how brilliant is that!

  4. pretty cool

  5. Great that I didn’t put a patent on it back in 6th grade when I won that “invention” contest against the entire school. =o(

    Still have it sitting in my closet.

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