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PB&J Pillows Are Deliciously Comfortable

As a college student, I’d like to think I’m the go-to expert on all things peanut butter and jelly. It’s an inexpensive meal that is not only classic, but also delicious. That’s why you should take your leftover birthday money your ‘rents gave you and purchase these handmade PB&J pillows off Etsy. Created by user Diffractionfiber, each pillow is 16″ ...

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Simple, Yet Innovative: The Easy PB&J Double-Ended Jar

Day in and day out, we make sandwiches. Such delicious sandwiches with spreads like mayonnaise, peanut butter and gnutella. However, with a recession upon us, we must all do our part to conserve and not waste vital resources such as food. Enter the Easy PB&J Double-Ended Jar. Simply put, it’s a basic jar with a lid on each side. This ...

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