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Nuts and Bolts Tighten With Money

Fishing around for the right size wrench or screwdriver is always a huge pain in the ass. Rob Maslin must agree since he decided to design some bolts that screw in using standard currency. Though it works best with hex coins, the idea could easily be applied to fit American coins and maybe even those nifty spy coins. The real ...

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Honda’s Walking Assist For The Sackless

I don’t know about you, but I’d find it quite difficult to take steps with this thing straddled in between my legs. Alas, it is Honda’s inevitable desire to give me blue balls with its latest device geared towards the disabled – the walking assist device with body weight support system. Honda is no stranger to assisted walking devices for ...

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Kirk And Spock Bust Your Nuts

Hailing frequencies are open for these two nutcrackers modeled after Star Trek‘s Kirk and Spock. If you haven’t already picked up that ball-busting Hillary Clinton nutcracker, than that means you’re still in the market for a utensil to crack your favorite nuts. Although back ordered at the moment, these two nut busters will be available before Christmas for $34.95. Perfect ...

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It’s Peanut Butter Time, No Jelly

If you’re wondering how George Washington Carver discovered three hundred uses for peanuts, you’re wasting your time. Everyone knows there is only one use for peanuts and that’s the creation of delicious peanut butter. By the end of the month, this peanut butter machine will be available for you to crush up your favorite shell nuts into creamy rich nut ...

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