Italy Silenced Quake Scientist Weeks Earlier


So as you’ve probably read, there was a big earthquake over in L’Aquila, Italy. It’s looking pretty grim, too, with a 6.3 magnitude and dozens of entire towns reduced to rubble. Who could have possibly predicted something as catastrophic as this? A seismologist? Psh, keep dreaming.

Actually, wait. Yeah. That is what happened. Several weeks ago, Italian seismologist Giampaolo Giuliani predicted the quake and began warning people, which prompted the city’s mayor to arrest him for “spreading alarm.” Sure enough, the authorities thought they did the right thing and ended up fucking over a whole town, possibly a country.

Either way, I’m sure this is the last time Italy will not heed an early warning of a natural disaster.


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  1. The correct name is Giampaolo Giuliani. Ciao.

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