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The $12 Million Ferrari

The word “Testarossa” has a certain ring to it that makes any man worthy of the title smile. Long a favorite Ferrari model by collectors, this 1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa is the pinnacle of luxury. It recently sold for $12.2 million at an auction in Italy. There’s only 22 of them in existence and fashion mogul Ralph Lauren owns two ...

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Italy Silenced Quake Scientist Weeks Earlier

So as you’ve probably read, there was a big earthquake over in L’Aquila, Italy. It’s looking pretty grim, too, with a 6.3 magnitude and dozens of entire towns reduced to rubble. Who could have possibly predicted something as catastrophic as this? A seismologist? Psh, keep dreaming. Actually, wait. Yeah. That is what happened. Several weeks ago, Italian seismologist Giampaolo Giuliani ...

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