iPhone “Slide to Unlock” Panties are Geekily Raunch


This is the geeky stuff wet dreams are made of. The “Slide to Unlock” iPhone panties are the extremely sexy answer for the clueless nerd. Even if you’ve never had a previous sexual experience (probably about 90% of our audience), the handy iPhone guide will ease them into sexual knowledge.

Each pair is $12 and worth every single penny. Check more gifts at thatsweetgift.com


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  1. I have a pair! Love them. Great for carrying a flash drive.

  2. me too! accept i made my own transfer instead- it was incredibley easy and a major no brainer! plus i totally saved and have it on way sexier gstring compared to that grannythong.

  3. does that opens?

  4. sam .. I believe the entire “cover” slides off. What I’d like to know is if the printed area glows in the dark.

  5. Does this model come with all the usual features?

    Voice activation?
    Touch screen?

    Can i have the 16GB version please!

  6. So… you like the thicker ladies, huh?

  7. please if you would send me a couple pairs of panties that zip and lock and unlock my size is a size 7 and i want them in black please send them to free..

  8. for a second there i thought it actually opened up.

  9. Only if the womans is jailbraked.

  10. This girl wore the panties inside out .. they didn’t work as advertised! I suggest instructions in each package!

  11. Does it come with the “bump” app as well?

  12. uhh iPhone… set to “vibrate” and call repeatedly.

  13. The problem is that it autolocks itself if not used for more than 5 minutes.

  14. soo where can you buy these?

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