Cute Girl To Auction Off Her Virginity

I know college can be expensive but this story is ridiculous. 22-year-old Natalie Dylan needs money to pay for graduate school but doesn’t feel like working an honest job to obtain it. Instead, after learning that her sister had made mucho bucks from being a prostitute for three weeks, she decided to auction off her virginity to pay for her tuition. Classy, right? Apparently. Natalie’s bidding has gone up to $3.2 million, as it seems rich businessmen are doing anything for some vagina nowadays. After all, sex sells.

Don’t feel bad, either. Natalie says she isn’t being taken advantage of, but rather is just doing some study that helps “empower” her or some other lingo bullshit. Anyways, if you want her V-Card, you better get on it and take out a second mortgage.


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  1. If you would find her on a dating site, you would skip her.

  2. Cute? I bet you got one of those freakishly ugly Eyetalian wives

  3. I dont think she is pretty at all …. infact watch the joke be on the dude that won! Like he is expecting some hot tight shit… when it would be all nasty and crusted stinky ass shit.. which would be why she is still a virgin lol…

  4. How ironic that she wants to continue her education in Women’s Studies, while being a perfect of example of exactly what a woman shouldn’t do if she wants respect in a career-driven world.

  5. She’s not my cup of tea, but I think a person should be able to sell anything that they own without legal interference. More power to her.

  6. She is going to regret this decision after she gets older…money is not everything!

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