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Underwear You Can Wear For Weeks

It might seem like some sort of lazy fantasy, but a Japanese astronaut recently tested out a pair of J-Wear anti-bacterial, flame retardant, antistatic, and water-absorbent briefs which are supposedly wearable for weeks at a time. Astronaut Koichi Wakata says he wore the panties for about a month and received nary a complaint. That’s great that they can use them ...

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iPhone “Slide to Unlock” Panties are Geekily Raunch

This is the geeky stuff wet dreams are made of. The “Slide to Unlock” iPhone panties are the extremely sexy answer for the clueless nerd. Even if you’ve never had a previous sexual experience (probably about 90% of our audience), the handy iPhone guide will ease them into sexual knowledge. Each pair is $12 and worth every single penny. Check ...

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GPS Chastity Belt Or Kinky Hide And Seek?

Ooh, nice hips. Fancy keeping track of your girl because you’re an obsessive douche? Then Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio’s “Find Me If You Can” lingerie line isn’t quite for you. Consisting of a lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, it’d almost be ordinary lingerie attire if it wasn’t for the GPS device visibly tucked away in the bodice. ...

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The Coffee Table That Makes You Horny

Owning a coffee table like this particular model is most likely going to freak out any ladies whom you’ve invited over for dinner.? It’s got women’s undies pinned in between two pieces of glass, clamped together like a chasity belt. Additionally, the clamps also work as the table’s legs.?Your friends will?think you made it yourself and obtained the garments either ...

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