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Slide to Unlock Car Sticker Decal

If you’ve chosen the career path of car jacking, you’re job has likely never came very easily. There’s the trouble of car alarms, conscientious bystanders, not too mention police officers. Can’t a man steal another man’s vehicle in peace? Lucky for all of you aspiring car jack-artists out there, your job just got a whole lot easier, or at least ...

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iPhone “Slide to Unlock” Panties are Geekily Raunch

This is the geeky stuff wet dreams are made of. The “Slide to Unlock” iPhone panties are the extremely sexy answer for the clueless nerd. Even if you’ve never had a previous sexual experience (probably about 90% of our audience), the handy iPhone guide will ease them into sexual knowledge. Each pair is $12 and worth every single penny. Check ...

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Oh, Now I Get It

Yup. Slide to unlock. Door and iPhone. iPhone and door. Right. You think I’m that big of a nerd that I’d drop $50 on this doormat? Absolutely, but only after my company’s IPO. Link

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