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Guitar Hero 5 Track List and Playable Characters Unleashed

This is actually a really decent playlist. So, this is not an “official” list or anything. Which I guess makes it “unofficial.” But the extensive detail of the list, including playable musicians, leads me to believe that the detailed track list for Guitar Hero 5 will look something like the following:

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Logitech’s $200 Guitar Hero Controller

Holy smokes! For $200, you could buy a real guitar! Look at this thing. Fake humbucker pickup, tremolo bridge, rosewood fretboard – this thing is over the top. It also apparently will get really good battery life and will work with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles. Hey, to each his own but I’m comfortable with the basic Fender ...

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Pre-order Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Oh my god. Yessssssss. You gotta understand, people. I am a huge Van Halen fan. For years I’ve always picked up my guitar and started playing EVH songs like “Atomic Punk”, “Cathedral” and, of course, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.” Now, come August 4th, we’ll all be able to rock out to a shitload of Van Halen tracks via Guitar Hero. ...

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Guitar Hero Scarf Crocheted On Expert

Well let’s see. If you were to purchase this scarf, I’d assume three things about you: 1. You play Guitar Hero 2. You’re a fan of Muse 3. It’s cold where you live If any of those apply to you, chances are you’re already searching high and low for a way to purchase this beautiful handmade scarf. Featuring the actual ...

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Guitar Hero On A Bike

I put this up in Afternoon Linkage but what the hell, it’s entertaining enough to demand a post. It’s a guy doing Guitar Hero on a bicycle. I can’t explain but it’s very well done. Watch. Link [via]

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The Demon’s Axe Guitar For Guitar Hero

Gene, the Demon, is a blood-thirsty psychotic bass-slapping machine. Nowadays, he just sits around at home banging his hot wife while he sells out more KISS merchandise. If only Ace Frehley were around to knock some sense into him. Guitar Hero World Tour has just hit store shelves and you know what – no KISS. I’m trying to think of ...

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