The Demon’s Axe Guitar For Guitar Hero

Gene, the Demon, is a blood-thirsty psychotic bass-slapping machine. Nowadays, he just sits around at home banging his hot wife while he sells out more KISS merchandise. If only Ace Frehley were around to knock some sense into him.

Guitar Hero World Tour has just hit store shelves and you know what – no KISS. I’m trying to think of a reason to purchase an $80 dollar KISS guitar for the latest Guitar Hero when there isn’t even a KISS song in it. Nothing comes to mind. It’s a good thing this guitar is compatible with Rock Band.

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  1. This guitar is great – some googling revealed an interesting behind the scenes story:…..uitar.html

    Looks like this company is the one who actually designed it for Gene Simmons – but the thing is – I2G/Gene stiffed them and never paid for the building of it. These people are the ones behind the Flashback 2 and other cool looking products as well – they build electronic works of art. If Gene played a concert – he�d expect to get paid, well these people built what looks like a great product, real shame that didn�t get paid.

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