A New Karaoke Game From Guitar Hero Creators!

John Devecka, Charles Huang, and Kai Huang along with music gaming pioneer and production company owner Eric Berkowitz are bringing out the next big thing in interactive gaming – the Singtrix.


The Singtrix creators are best known for being the musical genius behind Guitar Hero, but now they are adding a new twist to interactive gaming. The Singtrix is geared towards karaoke lovers and while it looks a lot like a traditional karaoke machine it is quite a bit different.

The Singtrix does not come with a preloaded library of songs, not does it rely upon CD’s or gaming discs, rather it utilizes any song that you currently have on your tablet or phone. So how does this new system work? It detects the vocals from the track you select, removes them and replaces them with yours instead. The machine works with any device with a 3.5mm jack.

The Singtrix bundle comes with a mic, a stand, a 40-watt 2.1 sound system complete with subwoofer, and a shelf to hold your phone or tablet. Additionally, for those looking for track ideas, there is a Singtrix app available for download that features more than 13,000 songs that have the lyrics included. This app does, however, require a monthly subscription fee unless you just want to purchase songs one at a time.

Not much of a singer or worried that you don’t have the voice for the Singtrix? Don’t be because the machine can actually alter your voice to make you sound better than you do or simply different.

The Singtrix retails for $299, not a bad price for a system that has more than 300 vocal effects.

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