Blue Goji Announced By Guitar Hero Creators!

The creators of one of the most successful video games in history, Guitar Hero, have begun a new project designed to bring a whole new life to exercise and fitness with Blue Goji.

Blue Goji

In an attempt to make exercise more fun and less of a chore for those in need of a little fitness training, Charles and Kai Huang, the names behind Guitar Hero have created Blue Goji. Blue Goji’s first product in their fitness line is a series of exercise equipment-friendly game controllers designed to allow users to play games while on a treadmill or a bike. The Goji Play is intended to serve as a real distraction for those in the gym by immersing them in gaming.

The Goji Play controllers cost $99 per set of two wireless game controllers with Velcro straps to attach them to a variety of exercise equipment. The third additional piece of equipment pictured above is designed to track fitness of the users and as users work harder their characters gain more power in the game. So where exactly is the “console?” Users can team the Play up with an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to access Goji games that include more classic games like boxing.

The Goji Play isn’t limited to gaming uses however, users can also utilize the controllers to easily access online material without having to poke and swipe the screen of a device.

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